Izka port Residential Project
June 20, 2020
Avcilar residential project
June 20, 2020

Folkart vega

Residential Project


This residential tower is located in the Konak area in the beautiful city of Izmir, has 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, 2-bedroom duplex, 3-bedroom, 3-bedroom duplex, 4-bedroom, 4-bedroom duplex units and all amenities including shopping malls, salon Sports, swimming pool, etc. The Vega project has ideal conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship.

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Start price
Unit Meter Price Start (Lira)
1 bedroom 123m² 61m² 561.000,00
2 bedroom 114m² 177m² 892.000,00
2 bedroom Duplex 179m² 181m² 1.503.000,00
3 bedroom 182m² 355m² 1.442.000,00
3 bedroom Duplex 273m² 350m² 1.927.000,00
4 bedroom 241m² 253 m² 2.020.000,00
4 bedroom Duplex 273m² 432 m² 2.727.000,00
5 bedroom Duplex 328m² 5.177.000,00
Commercial 47m² 509 m² 1.172.000,00


Why the city of Izmir? On the 29th of Nissan, an article was published in the Turkish daily H حrriyet in which the city of Izmir was considered suitable for the purchase of property for the following reasons: Increase property value: Factors such as nature, geographical location, and culture have made people more inclined to live in the city of Izmir, and of course, this has led to an increase in construction, expansion of infrastructure, and value of the property. Proper property price compared to other cities in Turkey: Although property prices are rising in Izmir, they are still more affordable than other major Turkish cities. Quick property rental: Cases such as being a tourist, migrating from other cities, and a large number of students due to multiple universities have always made many people want to rent a house in this city, which has made it easy to rent a property in Izmir. Having a good income from renting a property: According to available statistics, the return of property rent through a rent in Izmir is 19 years. This statistic has not changed for five years, which means that with the rise in property prices, the fare has also risen at the moment in the Boja area, Bernova and Chaghli have built projects that have reduced property rents by 12 years, making them more profitable. Existence of the house according to any taste: In the cities of Istanbul and Ankara, the majority of homes are lifeless and not attractive enough. However, in Izmir, apartments have a different shape, often with balconies that are not enclosed by fences and guards due to high security, and this privilege makes it possible to enjoy. Provide natural landscapes. Also, you can see the towers and residential complexes in each neighborhood according to each taste. All homes have a natural view: All the houses in Izmir, because the beach is in the shape of a horseshoe, have the opportunity to enjoy the view of the sea and the forest. If you see houses with landscapes in all the advertisements related to real estate, it is real because they saw from the four corners of the city. There are enough sea and forest, which is impossible in other cities. High security of Izmir city: Izmir is the safest city among metropolitan areas, according to the Twick Institute. This feature is demanded by the balanced population and high culture of the people of Izmir, which makes it the safest city in Turkey. Numerous schools with high educational standards: In Izmir, in addition to public schools, there are a large number of private and international schools with different standards and training, which allows parents to choose according to their educational criteria. Stylish and clean boarding houses for students: Although a large number of foreign and domestic students live in the city of Izmir and their number is increasing every day, student houses, unlike other cities in Turkey, have more and better facilities due to high urban standards. Expanding the scientific level of Izmir universities and competing with world-famous universities: Eight universities in the city of Izmir are among the most famous universities in Turkey, which have attracted a large number of people from all over the world every year due to their high academic rankings. Climate: In Izmir for 300 days, the sky is sunny, and this feature has put Izmir on the list of cities that have the brightest days in the world. The life and vitality of the people of Izmir: The average age in the city of Izmir is 32.5 years, which is higher than the whole of Turkey, with an average age of 29.5. As mentioned in the previous articles, in recent years, neighborhoods such as Orla, Alachati, Cheshmeh, and two have become destinations for Europeans due to their quiet environment and pristine beaches. In addition to this tranquility, these areas have the best beach clubs in Turkey that provide you with exciting entertainment. In this city, you will see two characteristics of an ideal life, namely tranquility and survival. Easy access to urban transportation system: In the city of Izmir, with its high urban facilities and extensive transportation system, including buses, subways, ships, and languages, access to all parts of the city is easy. Secure and legal purchase of property in Izmir: In the city of Izmir, it is possible to buy real estate for foreigners in proportion to each budget. At the same time, with the payment, the property documents will be legally and notarized in the name of the buyer.
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