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June 20, 2020
Ege Decor Residential Project
June 20, 2020

Ada park

Residential Project


Ada park project with modern and professional design, exceptional prices, wonderful architecture with up-to-date materials, and world standards. You don't have to leave your complex and experience the feeling of vacation, summer sun, and cooling. This luxury complex brings peace and happiness to you and your family.

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Starting price from 360 thousand lira with special payment terms without commission
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Why the city of Kusadasi? Aila Company is an investor, executor, and representative of 15 unique projects in the beautiful city of Kusadasi. One of the features of Aila projects is considering all tastes and budgets. For more information about projects and purchase conditions, please contact Ayla experts. Kusadasi is one of Turkey's coastal cities and a major destination for cruise ships on the west coast of the Aegean Sea. This beautiful city is located 90 km south of Izmir, which is an excellent environment for an unforgettable holiday for foreign tourists. The climate is predominantly temperate in the Aegean region, with an average temperature of between 6 and 15 degrees Celsius in the winter months and rarely reaching 40 degrees Celsius in the summer months. In general, balanced winters, 300 days of sunny weather, and summers with average temperatures of 30 to 35 degrees Celsius are the climatic characteristics of this beautiful city. Due to its unique geographical location, the city of Kusadasi has become a great place to attract tourists and create investment opportunities for those interested in great projects and super profits, so construction companies in this city aim to expand luxury and capital-friendly projects. International carriers are working, and at the same time, with modern design, they have tried to use and implement quality materials with modern world standards.
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