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About Ayla: Ayla Group was established in 2017 in the beautiful city of Izmir Bashmar, registered in 1924321, and at the same time began its activities in the beautiful tourist city of Kusadasi. To facilitate communication with its customers, in addition to the head office located in Jomhuri Izmir Square, the company has also established a branch in Tehran, located on Mirdamad Street. Ayla Group is proud to provide citizenship services, company registration, and investment consulting services by placing the two factors of customer honesty and customer satisfaction and with the help of legal lawyers named Turkey and Iran and experienced and specialized experts. By obtaining a sales agency from reputable companies called Turkish Construction Company, Ayla Group has provided unique opportunities for dear Iranians to invest in real estate and construction projects in Turkey. Ayla Group, as your advisor and companion in Turkey, will be by your side, from the first steps to obtaining a document and receiving a residence permit and a Turkish passport, along with providing you with a safe platform for investing and buying property. Relying on the 20-year experience of the founders of Ayla in the field of construction and mass construction projects in Iran, it has been possible to directly participate in the investment and implementation of construction projects in the two cities of Izmir and Kusadasi and to provide The better the quality and quantity of the projects, the more appropriate the Iranian taste and sensitivity has been, which has been well received by our dear compatriots.
  • Last year, I bought an apartment under construction by Ayla Company in Park Yasam. I would like to thank the esteemed management and colleagues of Ayla Company who supported and sympathized with me.

    آقای سرچی ( MR Serchi )
  • آقای بیات ( MR Bayat )

    Hello, I am Saeed Bayat. I bought an apartment in Kusadasi through Ayla Company. In this company, they served me a lot and I am very grateful to them.

    آقای بیات ( MR Bayat )
  • Hello, my wife and I bought two apartments in Izmir through Ayla Company. We are very satisfied with this company. They were with us all the way to buy the property, from translating into Turkish to opening a bank account, and we were satisfied in every way.
    سرکار خانم غنی ( Miss Ghani )
  • Hello, my son and I did property purchase and all foreign exchange work through Ayla Company in 2017 and I am satisfied with all the services of this company.
    آقای میررحمتی ( MR Mirrahmati)
  • I would like to thank Ayla Company for buying the apartment and continuing the work until the delivery stage.
    آقای کرباسچی ( MR Karbaschi )

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