Getting a tourist residency

The latest conditions for obtaining tourist accommodation or get residency with property rentals in Turkey (2019)

If you are planning to move to Turkey and get the latest information on how to get tourist accommodation or, in other words, staying in Turkey with property rental, follow us.

We tried to collect the most up-to-date information, answer your questions about tourist accommodation, necessary documents, benefits and limitations, costs, and more.

Every person is permitted to reside in Turkey for no more than 90 days in any 180 days without the ceremony of obtaining a tourist visa. As the presence of theme in Turkey lasts from 90 days, according to the length of the illegal stay in this country, a penalty will be awarded to the perpetrators. Failure to pay a financial penalty can lead to the deportation of individuals from Turkey for one to five years, and the residence permit is subject to specific legal procedures.


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If you decide to stay in Turkey and have to live in Turkey, and profit from benefits of living in turkey they can go to the Turkish Immigration Agency to rent the property and process the required documents in Turkish, and stay for six months or one year (depending on the validity of the passport).  ). Since this method is usually chosen for tourist purposes, this type of residency is also referred to as Turkish tourist accommodation.

Benefits of obtaining tourist accommodation

-Take the time of the embassy of other countries (Germany, Austria, etc.) from Turkey (because you are a resident of Turkey).

-The most common way to obtain Turkish residency

– The cheapest way to get a residence in Turkey (because you do not need to buy property and capital)

-To be eligible to study in Turkish schools and colleges

– You can apply for a Turkish residence with a tourist accommodation card. It should be noted that if you get this residence, you do not have the right to work in Turkey: but with this residence, you can apply for a work permit easily.


Restrictions on tourist accommodation

Individuals will not be able to work in Turkey with any accommodation, except for the Turkish residence. However, if you are staying in Turkey through a rental property (or any other method), you can apply for a Turkish work permit.

The need to obtain a work permit in Turkey is the possession of any Turkish kimlik (residence card), which is also a more cost-effective way to get Turkish residency by renting a home.


 Required Documents for Tourist Requests

Randwo Form (Appointment request)

– Original version and photocopy of passport

Four pieces of biometric photo (authentication)


Valid medical treatment (people under the age of 18 and over 65 are exempt from this degree)


– A request for a social security institution to receive public health insurance

– Payment of administrative expenses issuing a residence card

– Deposits of the Immigration Department (money of the soil and …)

-In cases where a person is under the age of 18, the consent of the mother/father is mandatory.


Note that in addition to these, additional documentation may be requested by the authorities (such as a Certificate of background, marriage certificate, etc.).


The cost of obtaining tourist accommodation

-The cost of renting a home

-The cost of the official home office (to confirm the lease in the official Turkish office, this is subject to the presence of the owner of the property and having the original document of the house).

– One year insurance payment

– The official translator’s fee for translating the rental confirmation document

-Foreign national tax/land tax

– The cost of supporting the applicant’s documents at his Embassy


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