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April 29, 2019

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April 29, 2019

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April 29, 2019


Izmir International yearly Festival   Izmir International Festival starts in mid-June 1987 and continues until mid-July (from early June to late July). During the annual festival, […]
April 29, 2019

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Izmir is the third largest city in Turkey after Istanbul and Ankara, which has a privileged position as a city, commercial, industrial and port. This beautiful city is located on the shores of the Aegean Sea, surrounded by olive groves, rocky valleys and pine forests. Izmir’s weather is Mediterranean, and almost has four seasons. According to Izmir’s polls, it is considered one of the most ideal cities in the world for living.

The parameters that make this city in this category can be summed up briefly:

“Welfare and comfort in the business and the ability to have a suitable income , Low living costs to Istanbul and Ankara, extensive transportation system such as in-town voyages with ships and advanced metro systems without any defect,the use of fashionable places and low prices, and modern shopping malls along regular auctions, excurcion in theWidespread parl with a historic texture, a sophisticated and imaginative people, understanding of the principles of culture and individual liberties and the destitution of hundreds of things that make it possible to pack one’s traveling bags and make your dreams to live in this city.


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